Nine years ago a co-worker decided to start a bounce house rental business. He started working on a site and showed me what he had. He knew I enjoyed computers and asked if there was anything I could do to help. He and I worked together on his site. It wasn't pretty, but it was functional and easy to navigate.

About a year later, I decided to take my dad on a fishing trip on Lake St. Clair. While searching through the Google listings, I came across the "Art of Fishing" guide service. I had heard of Art Ferguson from following bass tournaments in the past and hired him to charter my trip. My dad and I had a great day on the water with Art with pictures taken. I kept visiting Art's website to see if our pictures had been posted. The pictures weren't up yet, but I did notice some changes being made to the site. I emailed Art to see if he needed any help updating the site. Art responded that he didn't need any help updating, but he needed 4 entirely new sites. The rest is history.

A few years ago I switched over to a Content Management System (CMS). What is it? It's a database driven system with an administrator section so the end user (you) can update your own site. No code knowledge is necessary. If you can use a program like Word, you'll be able to update the content of your site. However, if you just don't have the time, I still offer management of sites as well

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~Craig (9er)

Personal Information

  • Fished as a co-angler in 3 FLW BFL Tournaments.  With two top 5's!!!
  • Won a talent contest as a 6 year old, singing "Take Me out to the Ball Game."
  • Favorite Food is Pizza, with Buffalo Wings and Cheeseburgers coming in at second.
  • A Die-Hard Detroit Lions fan....even when they were horrible, which was a LONG time.
  • Was a starter in Baseball and Football in High School.  I played Catcher, 1st base and Outfield in baseball, and was a Left Tackle in Football.  I also played DT, DE and was a Long Snapper.
  • I know how to make bread, as well as pizza dough, cinnamon rolls and ice cream from scratch.
  • My friends don't trust me riding fast moving objects, cause they know I'll crash 'em, try to jump 'em, or run someone off the road with them.  I have scars to prove it.
  • I wear a size 12 shoe.  Not that it's important, but you didn't know that before coming to my site.
  • I have a guitar, but can't play the darn thing.
  • I own a shirt that says "GEEK" on it.
  • My nickname (9er) came from the movie Tommy Boy.